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1. Earn gift vouchers online with paid surveys

online surveys to earn money/gift vouchers

Close the cat video (“but they’re so cute!” – I know, I know). If you have a little bit of time to kill, taking online surveys may be the better choice. Market research companies value your opinion so much they’re willing to pay you for it. This payment can take the form of gift cards that you can use the next time you’re shopping, instead of your own money. Our users on average spend just 2-4 hours a week to earn these amazing rewards. A small investment for some pretty big gains, if you ask me. From Amazon to iTunes, you can make major savings on the products you love by completing surveys online in your spare time. Earning gift cards and vouchers from paid surveys is the most consistent and reliable way to make savings while you shop. 

Top Tip:  log in daily and check your dashboard to ensure you get first access to available surveys. Get started today. 

2. Get on the mailing list

email notifications for online discounts

You’d be surprised at how many awesome discounts retailers are willing to deliver straight to your inbox. A lot of your favourite retailers offer you a discount just for signing up! Signing up to their mailing lists also gives you early access to sales, birthday freebies and other random discounts. That’s it! It really is that simple.

Top Tip:  If you want to avoid clogging up your personal inbox, you could set up a separate address for these emails. You could also set up a filter that sends them to a separate folder. 

3. Look out for cashback opportunities

woman throwing money in the air

How great would it be if someone paid us to shop? Well, apparently that’s a thing! Cashback sites offer you the opportunity to earn cash when you shop. Simply sign up to a cashback site, search for the retailer you are hoping to shop with and they will provide you with a link to their homepage. Once you’re on the site, simply shop as normal! The link you used is tracked by the site, so they’ll be able to register your purchase et voila, the money is all yours. The amount of cash you get back can vary drastically between any given purchase.

 Top tip: sign up to multiple cashback services to make sure your getting the most out of your purchases.

4. Check for price-match services

price match sign

If a product is found to be sold cheaper elsewhere, some retailers will match the price of the same item on their own website. The internet has given users the ability to compare prices with remarkable ease, and so businesses fear that they’ll lose you to their competitors who are offering a better price. You’re much too valuable to lose. Just make sure you take a good look at the terms and conditions for these price match services as the rules can differ between retailers. If you’ve got a sharp eye, price-matching is a fantastic weapon to have in your bargain-hunting arsenal.

 Top Tip: You can buy an item today and if its price drops soon after, some companies are willing to refund you the difference if it’s within the post-purchase grace period.

 5. Abandon your shopping 

shopping cart filled with presents

Log in to your account. Fill up your basket with your desired items and leave it there. Wait for it…  A few days later you might receive a lovely little discount code straight to your inbox. Putting your items in your cart signals to retailers that you are almost ready to purchase and sometimes they are willing to give you a little extra incentive to complete your purchase. It doesn’t always happen, but it’s worth a try, right?

 Top Tip: Make sure you are logged in to your account – otherwise it won’t work.

So, there you have it! 5 helpful tips for shopping online that you can use the next time you’re browsing the internet. Let us know how you get on with these tips or any other suggestions on our social media pages and our Web Perspectives website.

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