Happy International Coffee Day 1st October: People all over the world enjoy a morning brew to get their day started, and coffee seems to be right up there as a favourite, especially for those on the go!

In fact, it’s been reported that “over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world every day” (Wikipedia). No wonder we celebrate it!

But where did it all begin?

According to age-old Ethiopian legend “Kaldi and The Dancing Goats”, one day a farmer noticed that his goats were “dancing” and “irreproachable,” which was very unusual. He decided to observe them and noticed that they were eating red shiny berries from a tree that he was not familiar with. He opted to try the berries himself, and soon realised they also had a similar effect on him!

Kaldi then approached a passing monk, who began to tell him of his difficulty staying awake during prayers. Kaldi offered him the berries and, to his surprise, the monk managed to stay awake. The monk suggested that the berries should be boiled to make a brew, which we now call coffee!


How do you like your coffee?

We recently ran a Hot Topics survey on the brown stuff and the results were very interesting indeed. Lattes were actually the most preferred cup of coffee, with 26.22% of people opting for it as their number 1 choice. The online survey also revealed that cappuccinos followed in 2nd place with 19.96% of the votes and instant coffee came in 3rd with 12.7% favouring it.

Survey reveals that women make – men buy!

The survey also revealed that women prefer to make their coffee more than men do. In fact, the difference is quite staggering with 33.67% of women preferring to make their coffee compared to only 15% of men!

Recycle your coffee grounds – amazing tips you’ll love!

Get the most out of your coffee by using re-using your ground coffee after you’ve made your brew! You can:

Make a fertiliser

Perfect for your roses, hydrangeas and other acid loving plants and blooms. By mixing your ground coffee with leaves and/or cut grass, you can really help with acidity levels, boost magnesium and more!

Make an exfoliator

Coffee is jam packed with alpha-hydroxy and antioxidants, making it the perfect natural exfoliator for the body. Mixed with coconut oil and vanilla extract, it becomes a luxurious staple that you’ll just love.

Make a hair treatment

Help restore you hairs lustre by re-using coffee grounds to remove that excess build up and reveal your hairs natural shine. A small handful of grounds will be enough to massage into your hair prior to shampooing. Follow as normal with shampoo and conditioner to get amazing results – it’s that simple!


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