After a countless teasers, Disney has finally released the first trailer for their live-action version of Beauty and The Beast. The film succeeds Disney’s popular retelling of The Jungle Book that was released earlier this year.

The trailer seems to take everything we loved from the 1991 original and add a little touch of modern day scale. We’re given a few glimpses of Dan Stevens’ Beast, and our first look at Luke Evans’ Gaston mounting an attack on the Beast’s castle. Emma Watson stars as Belle, bringing the cast together for the updated take on the age old story. The trailer takes us on a re-introduction to some of the classic nostalgia-drawing characters: Mrs Potts, Gaston, Lumiere, Beast and of course Belle are given the spotlight in this first look. It’s not just the characters that have been give some polish, throughout the trailer a new version of A Tale As Old As Time plays in the background.

Beauty and the Beast isn’t the only Disney film getting an update. Aladdin and Mulan are next on the books to have their stories retold. Guy Ritchie, director of the recent Robert Downey Jnr update to Sherlock Holmes, has been tapped for Aladdin. Aside from a script leak details are still scarce on the new take of Mulan. The Jon Favreau directed Jungle Book launched to great success at the box office this summer. Pete’s Dragon, another new take on a classic Disney property, launched later in the summer. While it didn’t reach quite the same audience, perhaps held back by lack of star power or public recognition, Pete’s Dragon did strike a chord with critics, receiving overall good scores.

Beauty and the Beast is due to hit cinemas in March 2017. What do you think about Disney updating their old catalogue, will you be seeing this new version?

Source: Disney Movie Trailers (Youtube)



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