‘Tis the season to find a good deal without breaking the bank, and there’s no better days to do so than Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Both are reported as being the most profitable days in the retail calendar, with billions being spent.

As for shoppers, if you know exactly what you’re looking for then it’s the perfect time to bag yourself a bargain or two, just in time for Christmas!

This is where we come in. Read on and discover the best ways to save even more money!

What is Black Friday and when is it happening?

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving (in the US) and for many it’s unofficially regarded as the 1st day of the Christmas shopping season.

This year, Black Friday takes place on Friday 24th November 2017.

So what’s Cyber Monday about and when is it?

Although global Cyber Monday (the UK version of the US coined Black Friday) is the 1st Monday after Thanksgiving (in the US), it’s usually solely based online – unlike Black Friday which is both in stores and on the web.

This year, Cyber Monday takes place on the 27th November 2017.


How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Deals on Top of Deals

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Which day is the best to shop? Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Really, it depends on what you need to buy.

Black Friday is usually more for product-specific discounts while Cyber Monday more for retailer-wide ones.

Elle also reports that the highest discounts on Friday have been seen in fitness items, clothing, and small giftable items, while on Monday it’s better to shop for designer clothing and accessories, housewares and travel.

Electronics seem to be discounted similarly on both days.

Where can I find the best deals?

Usually there are huge deals to be found online, especially at Amazon.ca, in fact it has been reported that in 2015 they sold more the 7.4 million items on Black Friday alone . A sure fire sign that they have bargains galore!

Today’s Deals – Amazon.ca

Amazon.ca is another Black Friday favorite, so much so that they have already started offering their Black Friday deals earlier than most stores.

Black Friday Deals

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