Bridget Jones is back! After a 12 year absence from the silver screen, everyone’s favourite singleton is returning on September 16. Renée Zellweger is reprising her Oscar nominated role in Bridget Jones’ Baby, and seeing if she can top a stint in a Thai prison!

In this new film (written by original author Helen Fielding), Bridget is 43 and worried about her fertility, especially after a break up with Mark Darcy. A handsome American sweeps into the scene (played by McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey) and things get delightfully complicated – and entertaining.

So with the return of our collective spiritual life coach, we thought that now was the perfect time to reflect on all of the life lessons that Bridget has taught us over the years, not to mention a look at some of her great fashion choices!

1. Keep a journal

Bridget Jones is the queen of keeping a daily journal of her reflections, ideas and dreams. Experts say that this is a great idea – journaling regularly can help you to organise your thoughts, become more introspective and gain important insight into your behaviour. So whether you use it as Bridget does to record how many drinks and cigarettes you’ve had, keeping that diary is a great idea. Who knows, maybe they could become a book and successful movie franchise!

2. Learn when someone isn’t that in to you

Bridget could have stayed with dashing and funny Daniel Cleaver, but she realized that he was a smarmy charmer who would never fully commit to her. This is a great lesson for men and women out there – never settle for someone who just isn’t that into you.

3. Don’t sweat over the pounds

While Bridget certainly does think about her weight, often chronicling her daily crisp habit and scale reading, she doesn’t let a few extra pounds get her down. In fact, the fact that she is pleasingly curvy attracts heaps of men (Mark Darcy, Daniel Cleaver and a new American love interest, Jack).

4. Soup can be blue

Bridget doesn’t feel like she has to follow traditional food trends, and neither should you. While her blue string soup didn’t go down that well, it was definitely an adventurous choice!

5. Enjoy life to the fullest

Whether it’s munching on the aforementioned chips, swigging from a bottle of wine or just being a spontaneous goofball, Bridget taught us that you should seize life and live in the moment.

6. Big pants can be sexy

Bridget taught us all that lingerie doesn’t need to be tiny, uncomfortable and lacy. When Bridget wore her giant underwear on a date with Daniel Cleaver, he was certainly impressed. Thus she changed society forever.

7. Always be yourself

Bridget is truly one of a kind – and that is why her friends (and why we!) love her so very much. The same is true in your own life! Don’t try to squish yourself into a mould or try to be someone else. Embrace your individuality and set your inner Bridget free!

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Use your Valued Opinions rewards to stock up on wine and snacks and throw your very own Bridget Jones viewing party!

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