2017 marks the 70th year of the Cannes Film Festival, a cinematic extraordinaire. At this famous film festival, reviewing new films is only half of the fun. Year after year, the red carpet looks and celebrity antics often overshadow the festival’s offerings of art, culture and cinematography.

With its 70th anniversary celebrations in full swing, what are the biggest headlines to come from the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès? Check out our brief rundown of the excitement and scandal that has everyone’s tongues wagging this year at the Cannes Film Festival.

1. Netflix Has Arrived

Netflix’s film offerings are in the running for the awards and accolades of the Cannes Film Festival. While inviting the streaming television and film platform could be considered progress for new technology, the welcoming of Netflix has been far from warm. The internet platform is up for two awards, and so the execs at Netflix must be feeling good about their productions.


However after only one year here, Cannes is now changing their rules so that from 2018, only films with cinematic release can take part. This will remove Netflix from the running, and maintain the status quo.

So far, their first film received boos; the only applause was when the film was halted due to a technical error as it was shown in the wrong aspect ratio. It was a surprise that so many people watched the film, as much of the French cinema business boycotted the showing. Clearly, the tradition and sanctity of the Cannes film industry is not ready for digital progress.

2. Will The Killing of a Sacred Deer win?

Tipped as one of the main contenders for the big award of the festival (the Palme d’Or) many critics were surprised by the audience reaction. Critics quickly sang the praises of the film, whereas the audience met it with boos. Of course, booing doesn’t necessarily mean the prize won’t go to this film. After all, the fickle Cannes audiences have booed Pulp Fiction and Taxi Driver in the past, and they went on to win the big prize. It will be interesting to see who takes home the honours.

3. Clutching At Purse Strings

After week one, the most surprising aspect of Cannes (apart from some of the questionable outfits) is how many deals have been struck from distributors. So far, the pace has been slow on the uptake. Whether this is a due to a lack of films with profit potential or due to an over-cautious market, the big time sales have been very slow. Time will tell over the next week of the festival as to whether this year has been a lucrative slow burner or a flop for movie makers.

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