It’s that time of year again – time to bundle up and head to a local Christmas market. With hundreds of Christmas markets across the world, there are likely plenty of fantastic choices near you. Here are just some of things that we love about Christmas markets.

1. Enjoying seasonal food and drink

Because Christmas markets are originally a Bavarian tradition, many European markets continue with this German theme by serving stollen, sausages and mulled wine galore. Munching on a grilled bratwurst and sipping a hot cider? Heaven. In addition to these continental delicacies, you can usually find roasted meat, ice cold beer and plenty of other holiday treats.

2. Working up a sweat on the ice

Many holiday markets across the world give visitors the chance to strap on some ice skates and try their luck sliding around the ice. Just don’t try it after too much mulled wine or beer!

3. Finishing your Christmas shopping!

Christmas markets are fantastic places to do your holiday shopping – there are usually dozens of stalls selling unique and interesting gifts, perfect for parents and family. Tree decorations, personalised novelties and edible treats – you’ll get your shopping finished in no time.

4. Listening to classic Christmas tunes

There is something about listening to classic Christmas music at an outdoor market that makes the songs feel extra festive.

5. Spending time with friends and family

No matter what, the best thing about heading to the local Christmas market has got to be the chance to spend meaningful time with friends and family during this festive time of year.


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