Christmas is here and we’re so excited! We’ve rounded up all our favorite things about Christmas. Which is your favorite?

1. A cozy Christmas sweater

Whether you choose to go with an ironic pop culture reference or stick with the classic designs, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without a cozy Christmas sweater.

2. Gingerbread Men

We know you can get them all year round, but let’s be honest – there’s nothing quite as cozy as the smell of gingerbread throughout the house on Christmas Eve

3. A stroll through the Christmas market

No matter where you live, there is likely a local Christmas Market near you. Bundle up and grab a glass of heartwarming delights!

4. The Snowman

We can’t help but feel like excited little children when the Snowman comes on the television, because this lovely little tale really makes it feel like Christmas.

5. A holiday catch up with friends

It just wouldn’t be December if we weren’t heading to a crowded bar strewn with half hearted Christmas decorations to ring in the festive season with friends and family.

6. Christmas Commercials

Sure, it may be all about consumerism, but we look forward to seeing the Christmas adverts premiere each year and having our heartstrings tugged!

7. The TV Holiday Special

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without that one completely off the wall episode of your favourite TV show. Star Wars Christmas Special with Chewbacca’s family anyone?

8. Decorating the Tree


While it may originally have been a German tradition, nothing makes us feel more nostalgic and homely than selecting the perfect tree and decorating it with baubles and tinsel.

9. Christmas Music

As much as you think you may have had enough of Mariah Carey, you can’t help but jingle a little bit to a couple of Christmas tunes when it comes to the actual day. When it doubt, queue up some Frank Sinatra and relax right into that chair in front of the fire.

10. Watching the wonder in the eyes of children

No matter how much fun it is to celebrate Christmas as an adult, we can never forget how amazing it was as a child. Seeing the eyes of little ones light up with amazement and delight? Now that’s Christmas.

Merry Christmas guys!

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