With the Easter bank holiday weekend approaching, people all over the world will be planning new projects around the home. From replacing shelves, to a whole new garden, when it comes to DIY (that is, Do It Yourself), there has long been an unspoken rivalry: The battle of the sexes. Are men or women better when it comes to household projects?

You might immediately think that women have the edge. After all, it always seems that your mum or sister has some kind of crafty project up their sleeve. A glitter covered picture frame, decoupage end tables, a family collage, and who could forget scrapbooking? Crafty projects certainly count as DIY.

However, a new survey seems to hint that men might be the more crafty ones, as results show that 20% of men are likely to start a DIY project on bank holiday weekends, compared to women (who come in at 11%).

The team here at Web Perspectives recently conducted our own survey, asking our followers on social media: In your opinion, who’s better at DIY projects? The results of our online surveys came in, with men coming in at 40%, and women taking the DIY title at 60%.

So, our results seem to show that while men might start a DIY project more often, women are far more successful when they start their own. Very interesting indeed!

So, what does this mean? What could explain such a result? Well, the supporting evidence seems to show that men take longer to work on their DIY projects. They are more likely to tackle a project that takes 6-10 hours to complete, while women prefer to take on a task that only takes a few hours. This time disparity means that men have far more opportunities to get side tracked or be interrupted by other responsibilities (i.e. child care, cooking and chores).

Of course, it is always important to remember that these are complete generalisations – both men and women tackle all kinds of projects, and gender does not always play a role in what they choose.

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