It’s that time of year again, Halloween – when the witches, monsters and celebrities crawl out of the woodwork on to the streets to mingle and eat too much candy.

While fearing knife-wielding serial killers or murderous monsters are totally justified fears, lots of us have less comprehensible fears.
Here are seven of weirdest things that frightened many of us as children – How many were you afraid of?

1. People dressed as animals

Anyone who has spent a childhood going to Disneyworld in Orlando presumably won’t appreciate this, but grown adults dressed as animals is very creepy. There is something vaguely sinister about a grown man whose face you can’t see dressing as a lovable animal to please children. You know it’s true.

2. ET (The Extra Terrestrial)

In 1982, Steven Spielberg’s ET was released, and an icon was born. While most people found ET to be a lovable little alien other people weren’t such a fan. With his long thin limbed body and strange shaped head, not to mention that glowing finger and ubiquitously thick-wrinkled body, it’s a little understandable how many children didn’t find little ET so cute.


3. Geese (AKA Devil Swans)

Geese might not be scary to those of us that have grown up out of the city, but for urbanite children, geese chasing you as a toddler is a traumatizing memory. There is also a prolific urban legend that geese have enough strength in their neck to break your arm. In reality they are just fiercely protective very large birds, which for some people is terrifying in itself.

4. Puppets

Puppets are horrible. As proven by a well established canon of horror movies including Chucky, that cycling puppet in Saw and the creepy ventriloquist puppet in Buffy the Vampire Slayer to name but a few. The GIF above is of a lovely British tradition called Punch and Judy – a show put on for children at fairs which is essentially a tale about domestic abuse. It’s really time to stop trying to entertain children with these monstrosities.

5. Elevators

Its pretty horrible trusting your life in a piece of machinery. When it’s in a confined space, and if it’s old and jittery as well, its easy to see why kids find elevators scary. Combined with its use in many horror films like The Shining and The Grudge (as above), and used as a method of many a gruesome death, you might think twice before you get into your apartment’s elevator this Halloween! Maybe take the stairs…

6. Furbies

One of the cultural icons, and a must-have for every 90s kid, Furbies were a huge toy trend, but, like many inanimate objects that pretend to befriend children, some people found them creepy. They also used to make noises in your dark room at night when they ‘woke up’ leading many kids to rip the batteries out at night to shut the creepy things up. Furbies never really went away, and now there are a whole new generation of Furbies, so 90s kids can creep out their own children with them.

7. Under the Bed

Everybody feared the space under their bed as a child. This fear is as ubiquitous as a fear of the dark. Whether you were afraid of monsters, axe murderers, clowns or demonic puppets, everyone feared what might be waiting under their bed.

That’s our list! How many of these did you fear as a child? What would you add? Make your opinion count by taking paid surveys with Valued Opinions and help make the news. Your opinions can help shape the news and influence new products. Each survey can earn you up to $5 per survey.

Happy Halloween!

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