World Health Day is on the 7th April this year and this year the World Health Organisation has focused on depression as one of the world’s leading causes of ill health.


According to the WHO, numbers of people that are depressed has increased by 18% between 2005 and 2015.


With this in mind we have decided to share ways in which you can help yourself relax, de-stress and take some time out of your day to do these things which can help you manage your mood.


This doesn’t need to be an intensely spiritual experience – it can be as simple as taking ten minutes at the end of your day before bed or in the morning to try and relax. Here are some tips.


Yoga can take many forms – hot yoga, spiritual yoga or fitness yoga. Whatever your goal is or who you are there is a style of yoga for you. And never think that it’s just for girls – yoga can be a tough muscular workout and will help you with whatever fitness goals you have.


Mindfulness is a relatively new concept that relates to meditation. Its about paying more attention to the present moment. It basically helps you be aware of whats is going on in your mind and body and is surprisingly therapeutic and helpful.


Any form of exercise is a great way to lose stress and feel better but running particularly good for clearing your head. Be like Forrest Gump and take up running. You might even hit that runner’s high that everyone talks about – get those endorphins flowing!


It may not be on offer, but having a bit of rumpy pumpy can help reduce your stress levels. It helps you release cortisol, and endorphins, both of which help fight stress.


Reading can help you relax by indulging in a little escapism. Try to read a real book or an Ereader like the Kindle – not your phone or tablet as these are liable to prevent you sleeping and tempt you to check social media or emails.


So we hope that can help! Take care of yourself, try to relax and reach out for help if you need it.

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