Ah, Christmas. Roaring fires, cosy jumpers and a shopping list longer than your dinner table. Everyone knows Christmas isn’t cheap. The sky-high levels of stress during the holiday season is in part due to the astronomical spending required on the Xmas ‘essentials’. Everyone wants the perfect Christmas, and perfect means pricy.

We know all about the festive squeeze. Really, how can they charge that much for little plastic decorations to hang on a tree? We don’t have to run paid online surveys in Canada to know a lot of us feel the same way.

Fear not! We’re here to give you a helping hand with some guidance on how to spend less. So, without further ado, here are our 5 money-saving tips!


1 – Prize Draws

Look out for seasonal prize draws and giveaways – especially during this time of the year where the prizes tend to get bigger and better!
Imagine winning your Christmas gifts or other prizes just in time for the holidays! You could end up saving a small fortune!

2 – Set a Budget

Fail to plan, plan to fail. It’s a cliché because it’s true. Physically write down how much you want to spend on presents, decorations, food etc before you even leave the house and stick to it.
No matter how tasty those reduced steaks look, or how much your mother-in-law would love that make up set, stay strong and don’t be impulsive. That way, you’ll know you’ll start the New Year outside your overdraft and maybe even debt free.

3 – Shop Online

Want to save a packet? Get online. The web is home to discount codes, extended Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, easy price comparison sites and much more, making it by far the best place to bag a Christmas bargain. Online stores like Amazon.ca often have the best prices and, as a plus, you get to avoid the madness of the high street rush. Just sit back, relax and wait for the mailman.

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4 – Take Paid Online Surveys!

The best way to save at Christmas? Don’t pay a thing! Earn gift cards for Starbucks, Cineplex and more, just by sharing your thoughts. You’ll find surveys on a range of topics and earn your pick from some really cool rewards, all from a few quick and easy online surveys.

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5 – Just Say No(el)

Can’t afford presents? Don’t give them!

These days, agreeing to not exchange gifts with friends/colleagues is becoming less of a social faux pas, with shoppers choosing to focus more on family. We all struggle to find gifts and if you think that presents here and there add up, you’re most certainly not the only one. Why not suggest to pals that you both leave it this year? Chances are they’ll probably be as grateful as you are! Bah humbug.

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