This year (29th October) marks 50 years since the first commercial use of the internet. Crazy right! Since its creation, the internet has made huge technological advances all over the world.

Here are 10 weird and interesting facts about the internet we think you’ll find interesting:

1.    95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day.

2.    5 billion Google searches are performed every day. That’s over one trillion searches every single year!

3.    The first website ever made is still online today. Check it out

4.    The cartoon character Garfield once had his own email service, Very different to what we now know as Gmail, you can still see an archived version of the Garfield site here

5.    The most viewed video on the internet is currently the music video for ‘Despacito’ by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee. Right now, the video has 6.32 billion views on YouTube, and was the first to hit 6 billion views on the site.

6.    Every minute, there are 72 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube. It would take approximately 60,000 years to watch all the content that is currently available! That’s a lot of videos for a website that has only been around for 14 years…

7. The first webcam was created to check on coffee. At Cambridge University in 1991, students were tired of finding the coffee pot empty when they got up to check. To solve this, they created a webcam that was linked to every desktop computer, this way they could see if it was worth making the trip for coffee. Thanks, laziness!

8. Unbelievably, only 10% of the world’s currency is physical money. The rest exists on a computer hard drive somewhere. Maybe it’s time to start storing some under the mattress…

9.    The first ever computer mouse was made of wood. In 1964, Doug Engelbart used his invention to help navigate through raw data. Very different from what we know as a mouse today!

10.  Google has a version of the site translated into Klingon, the language from Star Trek. Maw’!

Internet hacks 

1.    Want to have a go at coding? By pressing F12 on your keyboard, you can access any website’s HTML or CSS code. You can change things like the font, colour, or title of the page. Don’t worry, these are temporary changes that only you can see. It’s a great way to have fun with your browser! 

2.    You can play mp3 or movie files directly in your chrome browser, just by dragging the file into the chrome window.

3.    Bored in Google? Search any of these words to see Google do some cool tricks:

  • Do a barrel roll
  • Tilt
  • Google in 1998
  • Zerg rush
  • Pacman
  • Blink HTML

4.    Fans of the show ‘Catfish’ might already know this one, but to perform a reverse image search, all you need to do is drag an image into the search bar.

5.    Is your favourite website offline? You can often find old cached versions of the site online at

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