The 17th of February is Random Acts of Kindness Day! What is that, I hear you ask? It is a designated day where people are encouraged to do random acts of kindness. The clue is in the name really. It is also just the first day of Random Act of Kindness Week.

Random Acts of Kindness week (or RAK week for short) is the brainchild of the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation – a nonprofit set up in Colorado in 1995.

With that in mind we thought we would round up and share some warm and fuzzy ideas to help inspire your own acts of kindness. (As if you needed help!)

  • Give a stranger a gift

Buy someone an extra coffee or sandwich, maybe give one to a homeless person. They might appreciate a hot drink or something to eat.

  • Let someone ahead of you on the roads

We are all trying to get somewhere, help someone out by letting them cut in front of you.

  • Buy the person’s coffee in the queue behind you

You never know what difference a small gesture can make to someone’s life. Buy a stranger a coffee.

  • Help someone cross the road

If you see an elderly or frail person struggle to cross a road, or with any other daily task, take a moment and ask if they want some help.

  • Give up your seat on your commute.

If you take the bus or train on your commute, this small gesture on a packed train can make the difference between a good day and a bad day

  • Buy your coworkers some snacks

Get your colleagues some candy or chips, or even some drinks after work.

  • Make someone you love a meal

Make someone’s day a little easier and spend some time with those you love – it’s the gift that gives back!

  • Offer to carry someone’s luggage for them

If you see someone struggling with their baby’s stroller or heavy luggage, why not offer to help them move it for them?

  • Donate some money to a good cause.

Whether it is a charity, nonprofit or simply some change to a homeless person, consider donating some money.

  • Donate your old clothes, furniture or books to charity

Its not all about the cash! Donate some of your books, furniture or clothes to charity.

  • Leave a big tip to your waiter or server

Its a simple thing to do, but this small act could really make someone else’s day, and they might pay it forward to many more!

  • Help someone who seems overwhelmed

If you see someone who looks a little overwhelmed at work, why not offer them some help?

  • Give someone a recommendation on LinkedIn

It can take just a couple of minutes, but they will really appreciate your recommendation. What day is better to do this than today?

How One Man Gave the World the Gift of the World Wide Web

This is just an example of a great act of kindness from one man to the world:

Sir Tim Berners-Lee gained his knighthood for a very important reason. In 1994, he founded the The World Wide Web Consortium that decided that its standards should be based on royalty-free technology, so that they easily could be adopted by anyone.

This act of kindness has fundamentally changed the way people live on the planet, and what could have made him billions, was instead given away for free.

Happy ROK Week!

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