Last Minute Getaways 2017: Does it seems like whenever the weekends approach, you’re all dressed up with nowhere to go! Your friends booked their weekends up months ago, and now you’re stuck with 2 choices: 1. stay at home again (yawn) or 2. do something different – why not take an un-expected city break? The latter sounds much nicer!

Here are a few offbeat suggestions to help you…

Try a local ‘staycation’

The best holidays don’t have to be too far away from home. Is there a cool new hotel nearby, or a cute bed and breakfast you have been dying to try? Consider booking a local ‘staycation’ that allows you to be a tourist in your own town. Try a lovely restaurant, visit a local heritage site or museum, or even pitch a tent in garden!

Niagra Falls, Ontario

Niagra Falls is one of the Worlds most famous natural wonders and people from around the World visit in large numbers. However, you may not know that Niagra has so much more to offer, with a range of fantastic restaurants and wineries on offer. Other tousirst areas and points of interest include Clifton Hill, Falls Ave, and Victoria-Centre as well as Lundy’s Lane among others..



New York City, USA

Are you in the mood for something truly amazing and ‘last minute’? Most Global city break online surveys will feature “The Big Apple” in their Top 10 results. So you’ll be glad to know that a 3 night city break to New York City is not only incredible, but not as expensive as you might think and with departures available all weekend long – what are you waiting for? Why stay in Europe when you could grab a slice of pizza, watch some live comedy and wander through Central Park? The culture, live music and atmosphere of New York are all legendary – you need to get there as soon as possible, so why not this weekend?

New Orleans, Louisiana


Famous for Mardi Gras and Jazz, day and night the bustling streets draw in tourists from around the world. Whether you want to visit the French quarter, or look for antiques on Magazine Street, New Orleans has everything to offer.

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