We have introduced a brand new feature on our website: phone verification. This is to protect your account and keep your rewards balance safe and secure.

Before you redeem your next reward you will need to verify your account with a valid phone number – either mobile or landline. This is for additional data security and to protect your earnings from being compromised.

How it works

Simply submit your number as shown below, with the correct country code.

Once you provide your number, we’ll send you a validation code that you’ll need to enter to finalize the verification process. You can receive this code either via SMS or a recorded voice message.

Enter the code correctly and the process is complete! We’ll also send you an email to confirm.

Good news

  • You only need to do this once – after the initial verification you will able to redeem rewards without entering your number every time.
  • This step is for additional data security only – we will not share your details with third parties nor use it for any marketing purposes.

Further information

If you still have questions, please contact our member services team who will be happy to help you – or check out our FAQs.

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