Whether you are a novice skier or a seasoned pro, fresh powder is calling to you. The age old desire to find an ski resort that is ‘off the beaten track’ burns within many of us, and so we have compiled this unique list to help you find the perfect place.


2017’s best off the beaten track ski resorts


  • Oukaimeden, Morocco

    The deserts of Morocco may not immediately come to your mind when you think of skiing, but maybe they should. Located about an hour south of Marrakech, Oukaimeden Resort is located in the Atlas Mountains. It is Africa’s highest ski resort, and it caters to all levels. The best time of year to visit Oukaimeden is January and February, so get planning!

  • http://giphy.com/gifs/led-ski-skiing-3oriffx0pAUPwX2XE4

    Iran’s Mount Damavand

Known for its  “corn” type snow, Mount Damavand boasts pellet like snow that has already been through a freeze, but is smooth and less prone to avalanche. This is the highest skiing mountain in the Middle East, and is popular between November and May (weather permitting). Keep in mind that this resort has no lift – you will have to ascend the hills on crampons or snowshoes.


  • Valle Nevado, Chile

    Looking for a killer place to ski without all of the big budget hotels and crowds? Valle Nevado is perfect. Endless miles of excellent terrain without another soul in sight, and no lift lines! Best of all, if you plan your ski very early in the morning, you can rush down the mountain and surf a local beach during sunset. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!


  • Jasna, Slovakia

Europe has some of the world’s most famous ski resorts, and some of the most densely populated too. Why not try this Slovakian alternative for an off the beaten track resort. The hills of the Low Tatras, Jasna are home to a Slovakian resort that has a new eight-seat gondola. You can zoom over 20 miles of stunning pistes or head to a ‘freeride zone’ full of powder.


  • Ben Lomond, Tasmania

Tasmania is an island off of the coast of Australia, and it is more known for wildlife and nature than for ski hills. That said, Ben Lomond National Park is home to a wide array of slopes for all ability levels. The runs may not be too steep, but they make up for this with stunning scenery and wildlife.


Are you planning to do some skiing this winter? Maybe you should check out one of these lesser known spots for your next trip – somewhere a little different!

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