The Super Bowl only seems to get bigger and bigger. It a strange piece of American culture that only seems to get stranger. The halftime show and even the commercials seem to get almost as much, if not more attention than the football! Each year the Super Bowl seems to invite controversy, whether it is Janet Jackson’s nip slip, or Black Lives Matter slogans at Beyonce’s appearance, or even the left shark at Katy Perry’s performance, it always attracts headlines.

But aside from the halftime shows, the commercials often provoke their own controversy. This year, with the current divided political climate, was no different. We rounded up the best of the Super Bowl commercials, whether for their message or just because they look good.



This Audi commercial had a political message about equal pay and women’s rights through the experience of young girl go-karting.


This advert has resulted in some on social media urging others to boycott the brand, as it carries a clear political message about immigration.

Life WTR

This colorful little advert for Life WTR, Pepsi’s water product, will make even the most dour of us smile.

Coca Cola

This was actually an advert from 2014 that courted a lot of controversy at the time. Coca Cola took a risk in resurrecting it as it carries a clear political message in the current political climate.


Yet another political message, AirBnB’s advert focuses on accepting people of all races and creeds. The company haven’t been shy in public about their thoughts on the immigration crisis.


Squarespace’s play on Being John Malkovich, featuring the man himself, uses comedy to urge people to register their domain with them.

84 Lumber

This commercial is also overtly political, and is perhaps strange to come from a lumber company. It shows the story of an immigrant family coming to America, and succeeded in drawing people to their site for people to discover the end of the tale.

Avocados from Mexico

This commercial from Avocados from Mexico is a playful mockery of the Illuminati with funny results.

Hulu: A Handmaid’s Tale Trailer

This advert is for Hulu’s new show, A Handmade’s Tale. It is set in a dystopian world where women have their rights stripped. Could this be a subtle political comment too?

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Did we miss it? Have any of these commercials upset or inspired you?

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