Top Dogs: Our Favorite Canines Through History: Whether they are movie starts, made the news or have gone viral, online surveys around the World have confirm time and time again that we are dog lovers – afterall they are mans best friend! So with that in mind we decided to compile a list of these favorite famous dogs throughout history.

1 – Pal, the original Lassie

Everyone knows Lassie, one of the original famous television dogs. While the character of Lassie is a female dog, she has always been portrayed by males, as they have a thicker coat, shed less and look ‘healthier’ year round. Pal was the first of ten Lassies, and all of the subsequent dogs were his direct descendants.

2 – Rin Tin Tin

This legend among dogs was rescued from a French battlefield by a soldier named Lee Duncan during World War I. Duncan brought Rin Tin Tin to the US and the German Shepherd began winning small parts in silent movies. He then earned a starring role in the 1923 blockbuster, Where the North Begins. This very good boy went on to star in 27 feature films.

 3 – Hachiko, a very faithful dog

No list of famous dogs is complete without mention of Hachiko, a very good dog indeed. This Akita belonged to Hidesaburo Ueno, and Hachiko would greet him every day at Shibuya Station when he returned from work. In May of 1925 Ueno died of a cerebral hemorrhage, but Hachiko continued his faithful routine. In fact, the loyal dog returned to the station every day at the same time for 9 years until his own death. Very good boy!

4 – Laika, the Soviet outer space dog

Laika was a street dog from Moscow, until 1957 when she was captured and trained to be a working dog for the Soviet Space Program. She was then selected to be the sole living creature aboard the Sputnik 2 Satellite, becoming the first animal in space! Sadly, she overheated and died within a few hours of launch, but a small memorial was erected to her memory in 2008.


5 – Peritas, Alexander the Great’s dog

Alexander the Great was saved by his legendary dog Peritas. While Alexander the Great was under attack by Persia’s Darius III, he was attacked by a charging elephant. Peritas leapt up and bit the elephant’s face, saving his legendary owner and allowing him to go on to define Western Civilisation.

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