April is National Pet Month, and the perfect time to think about all of the weird pets that people keep around the world. While most of us think of our beloved cats and dogs as the best pets out there, there are many strange pets around the world that could give them a run for their money.

Check out these truly bizarre pets – perhaps adopting one of these feathered, scaly or furry friends is in your future?

  • Bearded Dragon – The Bearded Dragon is technically named the Pogona, and they have a chilled out, friendly vibe. They are easy to transport and like hanging out with humans. That said, they can live for up to ten years and require a large enclosure, so do adopt with caution!

  • Hedgehog – Hedgehogs have long been popular pets because they are cute and quite easy to look after. Just remember, they are nocturnal animals and will often be up all night rooting around and spinning in their wheel until the early morning.
  • Skunk – Yes, you read that correctly. While the stinky skunk may be the bane of curious dog owners’ lives around North America, some people do indeed keep them as pets. Many who choose to do this also choose to have their musk glands removed – definitely something you would want to consider so that you don’t end up getting sprayed!

  • Capybara – One of the largest members of the rodent family can actually make a great pet for kids and adults alike. The Capybara is a South American rodent that is also known as ‘the water pig’ or the ‘giant hamster’ and they can grow to being nearly 150 pounds. They’re quite social and good with other animals, but they do need a swimming pool to be happy!

  • A mini donkey – Do you want a truly strange pet that everyone will love spending time with and snapping photos of? Consider adopting a mini donkey. They have great memories and the ability to form real bonds with their owners, and they love spending time with kids. Just be warned – like any donkey, they can be stubborn!

  • Dwarf pig – Moving on from one mini animal to the next, a dwarf pig is a cute and sweet addition to any family. Smarter than a dog and smaller than a cat, your dwarf pig will love spending time with you and your family. Another bonus is that they are very easy to take care of and very snuggly!

  • A Hyacinth Macaw – The Hyacinth Macaw is one of the most affectionate bird species that one can keep as a pet, and they are the largest of the Macaw family. They are smart, good with kids and love playing with toys. Expect your Hyacinth Macaw to want to spend time with you, following you from room to room.

Remember, not all of these animals make suitable pets, and the ones featured here are rescue animals cared for by experts. Don’t support the trade of illegal or endangered animals – always adopt from a reputable agency. Always adopt, don’t shop!

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