When is it and what is it?

World Food Day is held annually on the 16th October by the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) and is internationally recognised in over 150 countries Worldwide making it the perfect platform to focus on tackling issues such as malnutrition, poverty and hunger.

The 2017 dream theme – #ZeroHunger

The FAO focuses on a range of issues one of which is that food is a fundamental human right that should apply to all. However it is reported that there are over 805 million people (1 in 9) today that suffer from chronic hunger .

#ZeroHunger is a Global initiative promoted by the FAO to help save lives and to build a brighter future for all.

Become a #ZeroHunger hero

Start by wasting less – it’s that simple!

Numerous surveys reveal that many of us are guilty of having bad habits when it comes to the food that we waste. Whether it’s eating out, and not taking home the leftovers for another day, or ordering more than we can eat at restaurants, to letting food in the fridge including fruit and veg spoil and go to waste, most of us have been there before.


But fear not, because habits can be broken!

Here are just a few steps provided by the FAO to help you to become a #ZeroHunger hero today:

1. Start small – Try ordering and preparing smaller portions when cooking at home or eating out.

2. Leave nothing behind47% of people that took our online survey eat out once a week so this tip is perfect for them, and for anyone else that likes to eat out. Take home left overs, or for home cooked meals create new dishes with leftovers for the next day.

3. Buy only what you need59% of people that took our online survey prefer to cook at home so this money saving tip should appeal to ambitious chefs.

– Be organised and make shopping lists, this will help you to buy more of what you need and less of what you don’t.


4. Check your fridge – Is the temperature right? Storing foods between 1-5c (CELCIUS) will help to improve freshness and shelf-life.

5. Understand dates – The “Use by” and “Best before” dates indicate 2 different things.
According to the Foods Standard Agency (UK), food labels are marked as follows:
Best by – “is about quality”, foods consumed after the use by date are still safe to eat, although will not necessarily be at their best.

Use by – is about “safety”, foods can be consumed “up until the use by date, but not after”.

By following just a few of the steps above, you will be helping to make a difference in the World, and the FAO and other organisations work effortlessly to improve the lives, wellbeing and the future of others.

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