We all love to eat. Visiting different restaurants around the world allows you to sample some of the unique and delicious cuisines on offer – but have you ever wondered about the world’s weirdest foods? We have compiled a list of four of the world’s strangest dishes, spread across four gut-busting categories.

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The world’s most expensive dish

Do you want to show off in style while tantalising your taste buds? You need to head to the Frida restaurant, located in the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort on Mexico’s Pacific Coast. Once you have been seated, you’ll have the opportunity to order what is easily the world’s most expensive dish – a single taco that costs $25,000 (£19,300). What could possibly cause this exorbitant price tag? Well, the tortilla itself is infused with gold leaf, before being stuffed with Kobe beef, Almas beluga caviar (the most expensive caviar on the planet), black truffle brie, langoustine, and a salsa of dried Morita chile peppers, civet coffee, and Ley .925 añejo tequila. Bueno!

The world’s weirdest food

There is no shortage of contenders for this category – there are plenty of ‘weird foods’ around the planet. Online survey results show that people are pretty horrified by many dishes out there – Filipino balut (a fetal duck in the shell), goat’s eyeballs…. Sure, what is strange to one person might be comfort food to another, but there is one dish that simply takes the cake when it comes to weirdness. Sardinia’s casu marzu is more than simply cheese that has gone bad – it has gone downright rotten. It starts with Pecorino cheese that has been left tong, sweating, tongue-burning ‘delicacy’ that you can eat with or without its plentiful maggots. Buono Appetito! 


A truly futuristic dish

According to all of the futuristic shows of the 1950s, they guessed that by 2018 we would all be eating our food in pill form. Or maybe we would be ordering whatever our heart desired from a food replicator, a la Star Trek. I don’t think anyone would have predicted a passion for kale, avocado toast or raw juice cleanses. That said, one Christchurch restaurant is taking the futuristic concept to heart, delivering their signature sliders direct to tables via pneumatic tubes. Visit C1 Cafe and you’ll feel like you’re in an episode of Futurama!

And finally, a dish from outer space! 

In the past, astronauts had to choke down gloopy freeze-dried meals and synthetic powders in order to meet their nutritional needs. It’s no wonder that astronauts have always lost weight on a space mission – they lose the desire to eat! However, in 2008, NASA astronaut and ISS crew member Sandra Magnus attempted to change all of that. She became the first person to ever cook a complete meal in space from fresh ingredients. First, she took over an hour to sauté onions and garlic in the space station’s food warmer, and then she managed to create a complete entrée: mesquite grilled tuna in a lemon, garlic and ginger marinade. While it had to be eaten from a bag to prevent it from floating away, her recipe received rave reviews.

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